People use cases
Learning + Development for Corporate
Learning and development have become one of the most important factors in remaining competitive, both in the market and talent pools. Companies must be able to recognize the latest changes and know how to adapt to them quickly.
Performance Management for Corporate
We said it once (definitely more), and we'll say it again! Your people are your priority. Performance Management goes beyond salaries & performance plans and encompasses the overall employee to support their growth and learning. This, in turn, increases productivity and loyalty.
Talent Acquisition for Extended Workforce
Finding and hiring the right talent is always a top priority of any modern business. TechTorch's Talent Acquisition use case provides a holistic approach to the recruiting process by amalgamating several capabilities necessary for a successful talent acquisition process and focusing on the candidate experience and engagement from sourcing to onboarding.
Employee Onboarding for FTEs
to ensure an engaged culture and productive people. TechTorch’s use case takes onboarding from an overlooked (boring!) obligation for organizations and new joiners to an engaging, career-inspiring journey for new joiners and an opportunity for organizations to develop an economically and culturally rewarding workforce.
Talent Acquisition for FTEs
Recruiting has always been incredibly important, and considering current market conditions, finding the right talent has now become among the top priorities for most businesses. Low unemployment, modern skill shortages, diversity imperatives, hybrid work environments, and digital engagement expectations contribute to the need of building firm recruiting muscles that leverage best practices at all levels.