Sales & Services use cases
Customer Support
Great overall support enhances customer experiences, and it also improves business outcomes, both directly (faster resolution times) and indirectly (propensity to buy and recommend your brand). Therefore, it is paramount for any organization to build a solid Customer Support use case to drive great, self-fulfilling experiences.
Q2C - Revenue Recognition
Best-in-class transactability for modern offers, including on-off purchases, periodic subscriptions, or hybrid models.
Quote to Cash (Q2C)
The Quote to Cash use case takes complex offers that include subscriptions and single payments from a sales opportunity to recognized invoiced revenue. This use case includes direct, indirect, and self-service sales motions.
Customer Success
The best Customers Success use cases orchestrate the overall customer experience from the moment they have purchased an offer. Customer Success enables capabilities that assess the "health" of their customers and capture all valuable feedback.